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Name:Embrik Thomas Molan
Birthdate:Oct 4
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Embrik is a seventeen year old part alien, almost entirely human hybrid. The first in a long lineage that displays some humanity, his life is a little complicated.

Though he has a few powers and many weaknesses from his alien DNA, he is most prominently affected in both physical appearance and, more importantly, psychologically. Prone to lengthy periods of stillness and staring, he stalks (benignly) people at random for a few hours when the mood strikes him, has issues expressing guilt, has a nearly non-existent startle reflex and neither laughs nor smiles even when feeling pleasant emotions. While generations of men in his family have been complete sociopaths, their alien powers kept them from being caught. With the mixture of DNA this diluted, he does understand emotions enough to be empathetic, protective and, in his own awful way, affectionate. His occasional violent assaults of people who harm those he cares about and following of people are him being better than his male family line. However, he is still capable of lashing out and is prone to mood swings brought on by variances in the sunlight-to-night time ratio, his schedule, and how much light he's exposed to.

Displaying some of the symptoms of autism in addition to his alien flaws, Embrik was diagnosed as autistic at a young age, which was just another reason for other kids to pick on him. He has never known what to do when directly confronted by someone; usually he'll freeze up and then try to flee the scene, but sometimes when things feel overwhelming he'll react physically, though it's more to stop the overload of stimuli than anything else. Highly sensitive to noise and struggling to function on a day to day basis, Embrik's low self-esteem stems from feeling like a burden on not just his mother, whom he loves dearly, but on the world around him. The future, to him, is a great, unknowable and massive sea of doubts and fears. Though his special interest in genetics ensures some kind of science degree in his future, he can't fathom taking on the crowds of a college class.

In short: when you mix alien and human, even if you wait many generations for the human to outweigh the percentage of alien abomination, the end result will be a psychologically broken mess that does not benefit from the powers that comes along with the deal.

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